about jason

I used to help people understand blogging, still do sometimes. It’s what I know.

But, for the last two years, I’ve been writing personal essays and articles on Medium, and I found that what I really like to do is write about anything and everything. Sure, I’ll write about blogging, but you are more than likely to hear a story about my mental health, traveling, writing, or social media.

Funnier still, I have a travel blog also, which I started before the pandemic when travel was a possibility. There is still a lot going on over at Frightened Traveler though.

Writing about blogging is something I will always do, as long as the topic is interesting, and not the same old crap everyone else is writing about. I am still experimenting and researching the best ways to make blogging a profitable business or career, and I figure out what doesn’t work anymore – which is why you will never see ads on my blog.

what makes me think i am the expert?

For 25 years, I have been building and launching hundreds of websites and blogs, some for myself, and some for others. Before there was WordPress, I was hunched over my computer coding with HTML, Javascript, and CSS. I built my first online journal in 1996 before they were called blogs or even weblogs.

I was overjoyed when WordPress finally launched, and I threw myself into learning how to use it to build blogs and other types of websites. Over the years I’ve learned other platforms, like Webflow and Ghost(Pro).

I’ve had successful blogs in the mental health space, and while I didn’t monetize the suffering, I did build a large audience.

I’ve been involved with the process of building successful blogs for many years now, and I know a thing or two about what makes a blog go on to be popular.

I started my travel blog, Frightened Traveler both because I wanted to share my love of everything “travel” with the world, and I wanted to prove the principles that make a wildly successful blog can be applied to the travel industry as well.

Now, with this new blog, I can finally explore one of the things I like talking about the most, blogging.

where should you go from here?

Let’s get you up to speed in the world of blogging: