how to become a successful creator and influencer in the time of the coronavirus

It’s become clear to me that if a person wants to be well-known, well-paid, and internet-famous, we need to be doing a whole lot more than we are doing– like putting words on a page, our image on social media, and our personality on video. If you are out of a job, don’t the excuses seem silly right now? How would you like people to know you for something more? How would you like to make an unbelievable amount of money from putting yourself out there for all to see?

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3 secrets i use to write remarkable blog posts

The experts tell us we should write useful and engaging blog posts, but a lot of us don’t even know where to start. Maybe we are under the mistaken impression it’s because we are not a good enough writer, or perhaps, we just can’t come up with any decent ideas, to begin with. If you want your reader to stop and listen to what you are saying in your blog posts, you have to grab their attention and keep it for as long as you can. It may seem impossible, but it can be done.

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How to Write a Blog Post Your Readers Won’t Be Afraid to Share With Their Friends

Don’t ever kid yourself that anything you can think of will be unique. Everything you envision is a product of what you have been exposed to in your life and the experiences you have had. Don’t try to reinvent the light bulb, copy the light bulb, and create your own spin on it. Good writing is good writing no matter where you post, but if you genuinely want to get ahead of the game, follow these tips.

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Your Business Blogging Strategy Should Be (Not) to Bore Your Customers

You may think if you write blog posts for businesses, you have to be boring, vanilla, and boilerplate. It’s just not true! We read advice from “experts” that are trying to teach us how to use blogging to market on the internet. After a few hours, you want to jam a sharpened №2 pencil in your brain! No wonder people are walking around in a stupor, staring at their phones in a watery-eyed gaze of death. Writing stellar content to attract hungry buyers to your product or service is too great an opportunity to pass up. If you aren’t going all-in on business blogging, you are entirely missing the bus.

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