Scrolling through my social media feed is like flying over a battle zone. A trip to my favorite restaurant usually means some entitled Karen or Ken complaining they had to wait too long or upset because they had to wear a facemask and shield to gain entry.

On the road, people are getting cut off, and angry tempers flare.

Everywhere you go virtually and in real life, people are treating each other like shit. Trolls have come out of hiding, encouraged by their Tweeter-in-Chief. The racists, misogynists, and incels aren’t afraid to show their true colors anymore because even those of us who check their behavior are getting tired of being the voice of clarity and justice.

What happened to just being kind and pleasant? Why so much outrage?

trump didn’t create this

That’s right. As much as I love to hate Trump, he didn’t create hate. Hate has been a thing worldwide for as long as we have been walking upright, maybe longer. We pay so much attention to it now because everyone has a camera, and it is in our face 24/7.

  • White woman called the police on a Black man for existing? Let’s get that bitch on video!
  • Dude in a MAGA hat doesn’t want to wear a mask in Walmart? You are now Facebook-famous!
  • Cops harassing, beating, and killing Black people? Let’s finally give the police what they deserve!

I don’t usually go off on political rants (yes, I do), but it’s good to finally have the ugliness on display for everyone to view, just for the reason that people can now see we haven’t been lying about the injustice all this time.

The only problem is that we have become so focused on our hate — conservatives and liberals alike — that our whole lives are just varying levels of outrage.

This is how it goes for me. I will most likely be working, maybe catching up with my people on Facebook or Instagram, and old Zuck knows just which buttons to push to get me on a fire-breathing rampage of comments and shares that now has turned into hours.

My work, forgotten.

Now, not only have I done my duty and outed the source of my outrage, but I just alienated every one of my friends and followers. Zuckerberg loves that because now more people are furious and spending all their time on the platform sharing their outrage.

Do you know what else we are doing? We are interacting with his ads. We are making him wealthier while spreading the rage around the internet.

Yes, we should focus on society’s social ills like racism and income disparity. But at some point, we have to escape the cycle of fury and start treating other people like gold.

In America, eventually, we are all going to have to come together — no more Trumpers or Libs — and do what we can as Americans to fix this mess we have created. Yes, Trump put us back 20 years, but he also shined the light on the cockroaches living on the underbelly of the country.

How many more people in the world understand what Black Lives Matter is all about? How many more people finally see the truth about racism and police brutality? How many more Americans are now aware that the rich and powerful are pulling strings in the world, and all this time, we have been making it easier for them to get wealthier and untouchable?

Now that we know the real evil of the white supremacists and evangelical right and are finally doing something to combat it, don’t you think it’s time we started addressing the hate and division in society?

be nice

My fourth-grade teacher is turning over in her grave because I am using the word “nice” so much, but it does describe the point I am trying to get across.

I’m sure Mrs. Redman will agree that it’s time we all started treating each other better. Right now, we are all on fire from the sheer volume of vitriol spilled around the world and on social media. We are all walking wounded from the constant barrage of spite and anger.

But don’t expect Zuck is going to let up anytime soon on his quest for his first trillion dollars.

We need to take it upon ourselves, every one of us, to start treating each other with respect and stop reacting out of outrage. Sure, there will always be the McConnells of the world who deserve every bit of hate they get, but the majority of us are good people, despite our fucked-up view of the world.

We deserve better treatment, which is not privilege or entitlement talking; that is the facts. Black, white, right, left, rich, poor, man, woman — we deserve better than what we are all receiving from each other.

It doesn’t matter if you identify as a Proud Boy or QAnon; all you are is misguided and have fallen under a spell of stupidity. You still deserve to have dignity and be able to enjoy your idea of a good life without hate and anger from all sides. But, if you want respect, you have to give it. You have to treat everyone else like royalty if you’re going to be King of your castle.

No more hate and division. No more demagogues.

We all need to come together against the evil in society and start treating each other like brother and sister. The human race will not survive divided as we are. From here, it only gets worse until we won’t be able to stop killing each other in the name of whatever cause we choose to place our loyalty.

All that will remain if we do nothing about the hate in this world is a smoking husk of a planet and a page in some alien civilizations “what not to do manual for intelligent societies.”

Be nice or die in outrage — your choice.